Traditional Oil Blend Uses

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Clears congested airways
  • Eliminates airborne pathogens
  • Use as a hand sanitizer
  • Antifungal
  • Deters mice, lice, worms and fleas


  • All-Purpose Sanitizer & Glass Cleaner
  • Kids Safe Natural Hand Sanitizer
  • Bath Bomb
  • Natural Deoderant
  • Natural Mouthwash
  • Vinaigre de Marseille


Blue Malee Eucalyptus is one of the antibacterial agent in thieves type essential oil blends

Can you use Marseilles Remedy or “thieves style” essential oils on scrapes and bruises?

Here’s how to make DIY “thieves” style essential oil for both topical and oral uses.

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  • 100% plant based
  • Organic quality extracts
  • Made in Canada
  • Marseille’s Remedy is the only thieves oil blend that is approved by health Canada for internal use.

Marseille’s Remedy Traditional Oil is the most amazing and useful thing I have ever used for my body pain. I would buy stocks in this company. It is the only thing that gives me the level of relief I need to go about my day. I'm bringing some with me to give to family in Montreal in November!

Danielle B.

The balm is so great for muscle aches and pains. I’ve used it on myself and my family when sick, sore or bruised and it offers so much relief. My grams always has a really sore back and she loves that it allows the pain to be relieved so that she can fall asleep. She says it works better than anti-inflammatory creams and Vick’s to relieve her aches and pains. I stumbled upon it totally by accident and I’m glad I did! Thanks for a great product!

Shana McIsack-Taberner

I was very pleased to discover Marseille's Oil particularly because it is a Canadian product made in BC. This oil has a lovely aroma when diffused and helps eliminate germs present in the home. When traveling I prepare a roller bottle with a few drops in carrier oil to use as a hand sanitizer or roll on wrists so I can breathe it in for anti-viral protection. I also add a few drops to a foot soak, my foot cream and even my wash water for floors and other household cleaning. Such a versatile oil with so many uses! Thanks for a wonderful product!

Sue Scarrow

I first happened upon Marseille’s Remedy Traditional Oil 5-or 6 years ago and have been an enthusiast ever since. I find the intriguing history both fascinating and compelling. More importantly, this remedy is very effective! I tend to take a few drops daily to ward off colds and flu. While I'm still a little susceptible, the symptoms are usually less severe and shorter lived. Having a few drops in a spritzer to spray around one's face and head is also a good way to protect yourself from 'bugs'. I recommend Marseille’s Oil and salve to all my friends and many have become 'converts'. Testimony enough! There are other companies that offer Marseille’s Oil, I've heard, but I haven't tried them, being entirely satisfied with Salt Spring Naturals. Casey is so personable and generous, you can tell he is committed to his customers, his products and his business. Thank you Casey and Salt Spring Naturals!

Barbara Moore

The Marseille's Remedy Balm is so incredibly soothing. It brings me much relief and I wish I could jump into a tub of it. Thank you again for the beautiful, handmade products, lighting quick shipping and and great customer service.

S. Ling